Residence permit for investment activity

What is a residency by investment?

Who can apply for the residency by investment? Nationals of third States who carry out an investment activity, in person or through a company, which normally leads to at least one of the following situations in national territory for a minimum period of five years :

  • Acquisition of immovable property of EUR 500 thousand or more
  • Transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than EUR 1 million (including investment in shares or shares of companies)
  • Creation of at least 10 jobs
  • Transfer of capital of € 250,000 or more in support of artistic production, restoration or maintenance of cultural heritage
  • Transfer of capital in the amount of 350,000 euros or more applied in scientific and technological research activities
  • Acquisition of real estate in the total amount equal to or greater than 350 thousand euros (in urban rehabilitation area, or buildings built for more than 30 years and completion of rehabilitation of real estate acquired)
  • Transfer of capital in the amount of 500 thousand euros or more, for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital dedicated to the capitalization of small and medium-sized companies that, for that purpose, present their capitalization plan and if it proves viable

In the case of acquisition of real estate, how is the requirement fulfilled? For investment by means of the acquisition of real estate worth 500 thousand euros or more, the value of this investment can be reduced by 20% (400 thousand Euros) when it is carried out in the low-density territory. This type of investment can be carried out individually or through a sole shareholder company for which the Applicant is the partner. For this type of investment, the Investor will have to demonstrate that it owns the immovable property (or being unable, through a promise-of-purchase contract, with a signal equal to or greater than 500 thousand euros), and can do so from the following form:

  • Acquire them on a joint ownership basis, provided that the ARI Requester invests a value equal to or greater than 500 thousand euros;
  • Acquire them through a sole proprietorship for which the partner is a member;
  • Onerá them, in the part that exceeds the amount of 500 thousand euros;
  • Give them lease or for exploration for commercial, agricultural or tourist purposes.

Residence permit for investment in Brazil

Normative Resolution No. 13 of December 12, 2017, of the CNIg, revoked the old normative resolution No. 118 of 2015. Therefore, the individual who intends to invest with a legal entity in Brazil may request authorization from the residence. To this end, it is necessary to comply with the requirements set out in the aforementioned legislation, as well as in the new migration law and in the decree that regulated it.

One of the fundamental requirements is proof of foreign investment in a Brazilian legal entity that can occur in two ways:

(i) external investment in an amount equal to or greater than R $ 500,000.00, accompanied by an investment or business plan, or

(ii) external investment of less than R $ 500,000.00, provided that the amount is not less than R $ 150,000.00. In this case, the immigrant must meet at least one of the requirements set out below in the normative resolution:

I- have received investment, financing or resources directed to the support of government institution innovation;

II – be located in the technological park;

III – be incubated or be a graduate enterprise;

IV – to have been a finalist in a government program in support of startups; or

V – have been benefited by startups accelerator in Brazil.

Proof of the realization of the foreign investment shall be made through the presentation of screens of the central bank system and the exchange contract issued by the receiving bank, signed and stamped by a manager of the financial institution.

Regardless of the amount of investment made, the immigrant who wishes to obtain a residence permit based on an individual’s investment in a legal entity in Brazil must submit a detailed business plan.

Can the immigrant in Brazil apply for a residence permit without having to leave the country to obtain the visa?

Yes. Pursuant to articles 147 and 151, caput of Decree 9.199, of 2017, provided that the documents provided for in art. 5 of the normative resolution nº 13 of 2017.

In this case, after the publication of the decision in the official journal of the union – DOU, the immigrant should schedule in the federal police department the accomplishment of his national migratory registration.

Does the residence permit based on Normative Resolution No. 13 of 2017 replaces the old Normative Resolution No. 118 of 2015?


With the advent of the new regulations, some requirements have changed.

The investor must present an investment plan that demonstrates the potential generation of jobs or income in the country. Otherwise, the application for a residence permit for an individual investor may be rejected by the competent body.

What documents do I have to present to the Federal Police Department to carry out my national migratory registration?

The required documentation can be obtained through the Federal Police website or directly at the police station where the immigrant will register.

We recommend pre-checking the document list. Changes may occur at any time, and it is up to the Brazilian authorities to update the requirements in accordance with their internal guidelines and bilateral agreements with certain countries.

Should I make an electronic appointment before I go to the Federal Police?

In most cases, yes.

Make sure the federal police department near your home already uses the electronic scheduling system.

In case the holder has dependents it will be necessary to make a schedule for each dependent.

I am abroad and my previous residence permit has already been approved in Brazil. Can I get a family reunion visa for my dependents?

Yes. However, it is necessary that your residence permit has already been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security through the migranteweb system.